Oh, What A Cake!

Cupcake Cakes

starting at $3.00 per cupcake

All of your guests will say . . .

We'll finish the dozen ! ! !

Buy 11 cupcakes and the 12th is free!

(Free cupcake of equal or lessor value,

Discount does not apply to special orders and design)

Standard Cupcakes

($2.00 each)

butter / vanilla butter cream

butter / chocolate butter cream

chocolate / vanilla butter cream

chocolate / chocolate butter cream

almond / vanilla butter cream

lemon / lemon butter cream

Premium Cupcakes

($2.50 each)

red velvet / cream cheese butter cream

strawberry / cream cheese butter cream

carrot / cream cheese butter cream

(contains walnuts)

German chocolate / coconut pecan

salted caramel

vanilla / maple bacon


Jumbo Cupcakes

($3.50 each)

butter / strawberry fruit

butter / strawberry mousse

lemon / raspberry fruit

lemon / raspberry mousse

chocolate / raspberry fruit

chocolate / peanut butter

chocolate / chocolate mousse

chocolate / cookies 'n cream

Premium Jumbo Cupcakes
($4.00 each)

red velvet / cream cheese butter cream

chocolate / cream cheese butter cream